When did you last spend 45 minutes with your GP discussing your health and well-being?

Consultation is about building a deep understanding of you; and creating a personal treatment plan.

Learning about you...

The first consultation will allow us to spend time exploring how acupuncture can help you. 


We need to discuss how you are feeling, why you have come to the clinic, and during the first consultation I can make a full assessment of the condition you are presenting with. 


Unlike Western Medicine, I practice an integrated form of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture which means I focus on you in a more holistic way.  Conditions such as tiredness, worry, headaches, lack of sleep are connected to the imbalance of your  entire system.  Acupuncture isn't a pill, but a way of bringing your whole-self back into balance.

The Treatment...

Acupuncture uses a series of very small needles which are the thickness of a hair.  I use them to locate and stimulate the bodies natural points at different depths under the skin.

The feeling of the needle is for most not noticeable; but there is a sensation when I locate the point which most people find causes a slight tightening sensation around the area itself, but is not painful.

I also practice a Chinese technique called Guasha; translating directly from Chinese as, “to scrape away fever" and also cupping.  Again most people find these refreshing forms of treatment.

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