Patient Stories

The best way to understand the benefits of acupuncture is to read some of the incredibly positive and life changing stories from some of my patients.  Thank you to all my patients who have kindly permitted me to share their stories. Your outcomes inspire me everyday.

"I initially went to Annmarie for lower back pain after being diagnosed with spinal stenosis in 2016. At my first appointment, I had been suffering from a migraine for about 2 days. Annmarie very kindly offered to treat this too and within a couple of hours of leaving it had subsided and the next day completely gone, I haven’t suffered a migraine since!!!

Annmarie’s holistic approach has been fantastic for me; she is warm and welcoming, putting me at ease.  This is my first journey with acupuncture and integrated Chinese medicine and the benefits have been great. It’s like a top-to-toe recharge.  I now have a better night’s sleep and no mid back pain.  I also have less leg sensation now -  due to my back condition I knew this wouldn’t completely go, but it is 80% better. I feel far more relaxed.


I am so pleased I started on this journey. The benefits for me have been life changing. I know I can contact Annmarie at any time and she will do her utmost to help me."  Lorraine, Newbury

Lower Back Pain


Applying Makeup

"After radiotherapy damage to my saliva glands, I had a very dry mouth, which was unbearable. A good friend recommended Annmarie and I haven't looked back since. After just a couple of treatments I started to notice a difference and now, a few weeks on I feel so happy with the results. It really has changed my life and I'm so glad to have found Annmarie. I think it's so important to receive treatment from someone who is not only knowledgeable but incredibly kind and someone who can put you at ease straight away, I found all of these qualities in Annmarie. 
Thank you for everything and I won't hesitate to come back for any problem in the future." Natalie, Newbury

Radiotherapy Side Effects


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"I decided to visit an acupuncturist because I was both lacking in energy and experiencing on-going pain and discomfort, especially in my legs. 


I had used acupuncture in the past so felt confident a capable practitioner would be able to help.  Annmarie was a great find.  Most impressive was her attention to detail during the initial consultation.  I don’t think I had spent more than 10 minutes with a GP for years, so having nearly an hour with somebody genuinely engaged and interested in my issues gave me huge confidence that Annmarie’s treatment would get directly to the root of the problem and make a big difference.  I wasn’t disappointed.  For anybody thinking of having acupuncture I would thoroughly recommend Annmarie."  Peter, Newbury

Lack of Energy & Leg Pain


Imagines used are not of actual patients.

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"Since I was diagnosed with MS more than ten years ago my mobility had steadily deteriorated. For at least six or seven years I have not had the strength or balance to run, and for several years I have not been able to stand on one leg, or walk downstairs without gripping the bannister for dear life.

I was advised to try holistic Chinese medicine. 

After a consultation with Annmarie and a few acupuncture treatments, the tingling sensations in my legs greatly reduced. I had jokingly suggested that ‘success’ in my treatment would be balancing on my ‘poor’ leg for as long as I could balance on my better leg, being able to walk for more than a mile without needing a rest, being able to walk over rough ground, and being able to run for a bus.

After five months treatment my balance is almost normal, I recently walked 7 miles of the Lambourn Valley Way, and I can jog for 1km. In addition Annmarie’s treatment of my aches and pains has enabled me to exercise successfully to strengthen my muscles and continue my progress.

The time Annmarie takes to understand her patient as an individual, combined with her command of a wide range of treatments result in a personalised treatment that proves extremely effective.

Annmarie is a very competent, caring practitioner who gives an honest, straightforward opinion. I would trust her with my life." John, Newbury

Multiple Sclerosis


Easter preparations

"I cannot recommend Annmarie highly enough. She had a professional, sensitive and caring approach to every session i had with her.  I visited her after a previous negative acupuncture experience and was feeling slightly nervous.  No question was too small or silly and I appreciated her knowledge, empathy and understanding.


I had been suffering very long-term lower back pain following two pro-lapsed discs at a young age, as well as a stiff and sore upper back as a consequence.  I'd had medical interventions that were wearing off so decided to try acupuncture and cupping.


After two acupuncture sessions my lower back pain has virtually completely subsided.  One cupping session and a month on my upper back hasn't become stiff and sore like it was.  I can still move with ease and no discomfort. I wouldn't hesitate to have any follow up sessions with Annmarie." Yvonne, Newbury

Back Pain and Prolapsed Discs


Family at a Beach

I hope you can see from these patient stories how acupuncture can help with a range of conditions I would love you to be part of this page in the future.

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